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Classes & Events

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Classes are organized below by time period in early parenthood: Prenatal & Pregnancy, Postnatal & Baby, and Toddler. Click the “More Info” button to learn more about each class. The Bridge Package includes 3 core prenatal classes and 1 core postnatal class at 10% off. For more information on payment plans, refund policies, and when to sign up for each class, please visit our Classes FAQs.

In 2023, Birth Roots is piloting a sliding scale pricing structure. To read more about this initiative, and understand how to engage the model, please click here.

Prenatal & Pregnancy Classes

Postnatal & Baby Classes

Toddler & Early Parenthood Classes

Bridge Package

Our Approach

Recognizing that one size does not fit all, Birth Roots prioritizes the conditions for Flocks to form and community to take root over trending or prescribed parenting practices.

Drop-in Groups

Becoming a parent is a unique time of growth and development, as a person and as a family. Birth Roots offers a few groups where families can find some extra support, guidance and encouragement, right when they need it most.

COVID-19 Note:  Our New Parent Nest group is meeting weekly in our Outdoor Classroom through the end of September. If you would like to be notified of the relaunch of our other groups, please complete the “Interest List” registration option for the group via the registration button below.

The S.O.S. Club

The SOS Club is a facilitated gathering to support new parents with troubleshooting specific to feeding and sleep challenges.

The New Parent Nest

A free, unfacilitated social gathering for new parents and their pre-mobile babies. Talk through challenges, redefine your goals and access resources in a supportive, judgment-free space.

Le Nid Francophone

Are you a new parent who speaks French, as a first, second or third+ language?

Birth Roots has offered a free, drop-in parenting group in French when there has been sufficient interest. Babies are immersed in French conversation as we create a space that is welcoming to new parents who may feel more at ease communicating in French. Contact us to learn more!


Exploring new, and sometimes old, traditions is one of the best ways to uncover your family’s way in the world. We’re excited to host a variety of events throughout the year that bring our philosophies and mission to life.

COVID-19 Note:  As you can imagine, planning community events is not an easy task these days.  We are making decisions as we get close to events.  Some may be cancelled,  others may happen in smaller ways, and some may be able to safely happen.  Stay tuned and thank you for your patience and understanding!

Little Monsters


2024 Dates TBD

Little Gnomes


2024 Dates TBD


Pollinator Parade

2024 Dates TBD




2024 Dates TBD




2024 Dates TBD




2024 Dates TBD