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Shared Identity Groups

Shared Identity Groups were launched in mid 2023 in response to an identified need in Maine’s perinatal community. Their goal is to build support systems around the unique experience of parenting within a shared identity.

Black Motherhood Group

Designed for Black identifying mothers to connect, share, and nurture lasting relationships in a safe and authentic space. Support from preconception through the preschool window of motherhood.

Community for One Parent Families

Designed for parents who have begun the parenthood journey as a single/solo parent. Support for those in the pre-conception through early parenthood phase (0-12 months).

Neurodiversity in Families

Designed for parents who want to explore their own, their partner’s, or their child’s neurotype, and how it intersects with the early parenthood experience. Support from pregnancy through parenting a seven year old.

Queer Parents Group

Designed for queer and/or trans-identified parents to gather and talk about the ins and outs of being LGBTQ+ in our community. Support for all LGBTQ+ parents and parents-to-be from preconception through parenting preschool-aged kids.

Talking Dads

Designed for new and expectant fathers who are curious about the relational work of maintaining emotional health in fatherhood. Support from preconception through the preschool window of fatherhood.

To find these and Birth Roots’ full collection of classes, please visit our Class Registration page.