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Support for you this winter

We have three special “winter edition” gathering options for you:

Winter Community for Parents of Toddlers – Similar to our Buds and Sprouts classes, we will meet once a week for four weeks beginning in January.

Winter plus parenting young children is a heavy lift. You’ve heard the phrase “many hands make lighter work?” It’s so true! Let’s do this together!
We have compiled a collection of resources that will nourish your mind and your heart this winter. We’ll introduce flexible, connection-building parenting tools along with Q&A and support time each week. You can connect in between classes in an online community space to ask questions, compare notes, and celebrate wins.
This is a helpful opportunity to come up from the daily grind and catch glimpses of where you are in the bigger picture so you can influence your family and community trajectory with intention.
While we will always look forward to spring, we don’t have to drag ourselves across that seasonal shift this year. Come get a boost of community, connection, and resources to carry you through til spring.

Raising Boys – will meet once a month from January through March

Whether you have a boy in utero or in preschool or somewhere in between, join your peers equally immersed in bringing up a boy in 2024. Together we will excavate the reasons we feel such immense pressure in the primary caregiving role to “get it right” in how we guide and nurture our boys as they transform from baby to bigger kid.

*This class is designed for parents with the shared lived experience of currently being in the default or primary caregiver role. 

*Particpants may bring babies 6 months and younger along.

Neurodiversity in the Family  – will meet once a month from January through March

Having a mind that functions in ways which diverge from the dominant societal standards of “normal” presents both superpowers and atypical struggles & stumbling blocks. If we are isolated in our challenges, we we can easily lack or lose perspective and become engulfed in self-doubt. Birth Roots-style classes help us see how much we have in common, as well as how enriched we are by our differences. This exploration of ‘intersecting neurotypes’ within families is led by Leah Deragon (BR co-founder) who is not an expert in neurodiversity but is a master facilitator and community builder.

Participants may be most interested in thinking about their child, their partner or themself.

*Particpants may bring babies 6 months and younger along.

To explore Birth Roots’ full suite of classes, please visit our Class Registration page.